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Joan and Bill

Friday, June 17, 2016


There is no doubt that Isis is a terrorist organization and

Recently Sen. John McCain said that Pres Obama is
responsible for the Orlando massacre because he pulled
American troops out of Iraq too soon which led to the
rise of Isis.

Yes we agree Isis is a terrorist organization.
But the United States invaded Iraq and killed 200,000
people who had done nothing to anyone.

Then we had Saddam Hussein killed and he was the one who
controlled terrorists like Isis and in fact he was the one who
protected Christians in Iraq.

So the point is, if you kill 200,00 innocent people would not
that be considered terrorism?

We went into Viet Nam and killed 3 million people and now
we are over there building resorts and hotels with the same
country that we had previously declared as an evil.

To me it is a bit difficult to consider the other as terrorists when
you are one yourself.


Stuart C said...

Right on!

Sales Coach/Consultant said...

I think it's always an interesting paradox how we in this country can raise our voices in anger and outrage about 'terrorism' and the threat of ISIS--always proclaiming what fanatical and dangerous people they are-- while conveniently turning a blind eye to our own shameful inhumanity. I haven't heard one politician recently or in years past express outrage,indignation or a modicum of concern about the 'home grown' terrorism which has thrived among us for the past 60+ years; hooded terrorist burning crosses on the lawns of black citizens--torturing, threatening and destroying innocent people since the immoral days of slavery... dispensing fear and death by way of Church and Synagogue bombings and random acts of unspeakable violence. Yes, let us reflect upon the terrorists who have flaunted their brutality long before Isis was ever a household name. Let us not forget our very own card carrying terrorists who inspired the song, "Strange Fruit" because of the countless hangings throughout this nation during the 30's 40's and 50's. Who in 21st Century America still gather in public squares spewing the poison of hate and intolerance. Let us approach the subject even handedly. It is so easy to dismiss/ignore the persistent cruelty and hatred which asserts itself under a banner of so-called Christian values and virtue. Why our newly elected President was wildly supported by our country's oldest and most notorious group of Terrorists. Terrorism by any other name is still terrorism.