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Joan and Bill

Saturday, June 18, 2016


We talk about keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous
people and yet nothing is ever done.
The problem is we never seem to recognize the reason.
At least no one ever seems to discuss it.

No one wants dangerous people to have automatic weapons,
but the political leaders of this country are paid by gun
manufacturing companies and organizations.

They may agree that guns should be restricted but they can't
vote that way or they lose their pay check.
Would you publicly vote against something that your boss
wanted to happen?

Of course not because you would lose your job.
Politicians are in the same boat. They cannot vote on what
voters may want because they will lose a lot of money from the
gun groups if they do.

So here we are seeing people getting slaughtered all over the
country because politicians want to keep the money rolling in.

When bribing politicians is legal as it is in this country, that's
what happens.

Friday, June 17, 2016


There is no doubt that Isis is a terrorist organization and

Recently Sen. John McCain said that Pres Obama is
responsible for the Orlando massacre because he pulled
American troops out of Iraq too soon which led to the
rise of Isis.

Yes we agree Isis is a terrorist organization.
But the United States invaded Iraq and killed 200,000
people who had done nothing to anyone.

Then we had Saddam Hussein killed and he was the one who
controlled terrorists like Isis and in fact he was the one who
protected Christians in Iraq.

So the point is, if you kill 200,00 innocent people would not
that be considered terrorism?

We went into Viet Nam and killed 3 million people and now
we are over there building resorts and hotels with the same
country that we had previously declared as an evil.

To me it is a bit difficult to consider the other as terrorists when
you are one yourself.