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Joan and Bill

Saturday, June 18, 2016


We talk about keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous
people and yet nothing is ever done.
The problem is we never seem to recognize the reason.
At least no one ever seems to discuss it.

No one wants dangerous people to have automatic weapons,
but the political leaders of this country are paid by gun
manufacturing companies and organizations.

They may agree that guns should be restricted but they can't
vote that way or they lose their pay check.
Would you publicly vote against something that your boss
wanted to happen?

Of course not because you would lose your job.
Politicians are in the same boat. They cannot vote on what
voters may want because they will lose a lot of money from the
gun groups if they do.

So here we are seeing people getting slaughtered all over the
country because politicians want to keep the money rolling in.

When bribing politicians is legal as it is in this country, that's
what happens.


000 poco777 said...

its true bill i agree

Lamplighter4712 said...

Bill i think a more effective approach is to look at reasons and situations that may cause people to become violent . you are already doing that work in part by clarifying bible symbols and meanings .. As we know that the literalist translations do encourage violence .
But i was in OKC when it was bombed with a truck load of fertilizer .. so i am not sold on gun control and you cannot prevent people from making bombs .. as the materials occur in nature all around us .
i doubt this will ever be the perfect world .. but again looking at situation and conditions that encourage violence would be a start ... my grandfather was in law enforcement and one of his famous saying is that anyone can commit violence under the right conditions and if you push the right buttons anyone can snap .. So i also think it is important for all of us to be a little bit afraid of ourselves and learn our limits ...
Just my opinion for all it is worth .

Sales Coach/Consultant said...

Thank you for expressing what I feel to be an important truth. From my perspective, America has a "cowboy" mentality and it is perpetuated throughout our culture and even romanticized. John Wayne is the perfect example of how we have glorified shooting down Indians(Native Americans)and 'bad' guys wearing black hats. We advocate, promote, champion, sell and worship violence at every video games, sports, movies, music, T.V. and through incessant hate rhetoric coming from groups who feel superior to other groups. President Trump openly promoted it throughout his campaign to cheering crowds. The Ku Klux Klan is a familiar symbol of historical violence on innocent people unable to defend themselves. We promote it throughout the world...just check out our track record. This has nothing to do with maintaining police protection as society requires; it's about a pathology that Americans are either blind to or in denial about. Ask yourself, why have guns become such a priority in our lives and nation? Why not education? Why not tolerance? Is there any wonder why the NRA is "the" most powerful presence in this country and able to grease the pockets of our so-called political leaders? A violent nation is in fact who we are-- it is so much easier to get out your gun and blow your neighbor's head off because your dog wandered onto his property. We have been socially groomed to be intolerant and suspicious of the other and to see each other's 'differences' as a it becomes acceptable to respond with violence simply because we may hold opposing viewpoints; or we have religious beliefs that may not align with someone else's; or we are born with darker name it and it has become justifiable to act with the intent to maim, subdue or destroy. People now shoot themselves and stream it live on social media. This violent way of life (i.e. our national mindset)extends itself to Nature, animals and the Earth itself. Sadly, but inarguably, we have become a nation of mindless gun slingers imprisoned by our own arrogance and hubris. How dare we
call ourselves a Christian nation?