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Joan and Bill

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


We are told by the media that Donald Trump
won in a romp.

But look at the figures.

Total number of votes cast  8,336,327

For Donald Trump  2,937,794

For anybody except Donald Trump 5,398,533

In other words, anybody except Donald got twice
as many votes as Donald did.


Dawn said...

I just hope he isn't elected. It seems there are too many smart people in America for him to be voted in but then...maybe "elections" are really a "selections".

Brendan Moran said...

God I hope it isn't Hillary, she is bankster lackey, and we don't need another corrupt politician in the white house.

Anonymous said...

Well we didn't get Hell-ary Rotten-ham Clinton we got her 19th cousin Donald J. Trump. On a positive note we veterans are starting to get treated better and my pay was reinstated by the VA after years of them keeping it from me and my family. Another positive note is that the reverse speech analysis done by David Oates shows Trump to be very congruent in most reversals showing that he was indeed the better candidate between him and hellary anyways. So we didn't get the worst candidate thats a plus! Hellary's reversals came out lies constantly and she even said "I'm a crime!" shocker. So I think life will get better for us. Also that pizzagate scandal is coming down so thats a plus. Seems like humanity is doing a lot better now that these criminals are being sought out. Even people are starting to realize that the earth is flat generally level like water everywhere and a realm matrix or simulation. If a helicopter hovers over the US china will not come underneath it otherwise travel would be easy you just hover in place and wait for countries to come to you. Plus we have many Flat Earth Weather Balloon Videos and Flat Earth Drone Videos and 200 Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball by Eric Dubay Videos Books Audiobooks Pdf.'s. So I can see humanity is getting wiser they are even starting to realize that gravity was said by Nikola Tesla Not to exist and that so called gravity doesn't pull down clouds, nor helium balloons, nor smoke, nor gasses,nor a basketball from above water through water down to the bottom,or anything else that floats, nor does it pull clips off a low powered magnet,and people have seen the density beakers with items and liquids stuck in their belonging layers due to density. So I have high hope for humanity. And it doesn't rain upsidedown unto Australia nor does gravity pull down fish matter fact the dead ones often float up. Anyhoo I am proud of those who are willing to accept this and other new knowledge as we advance but I am also troubled and irritated by those who vadalize my car and are unwilling to listen nor investigate and think they got it all figured out which is a very small number of the people I've encountered about 3 percent. So therefore I am more proud and overjoyed than irritated. Nasa publication 1207 says quote flying over a flat,non-rotating earth, page 1,page 30 which also says Stationary Atmosphere, and page 102. So I'm just saying question your environment. You can't see railroad tracks at a certain point in front of you they appear to end due to tunnel vision and the vanishing point yet somehow they say you can see 93 million miles away at the sun? Also birds and clouds have been seen flying behind the sun many videos online. Also Flat Earth Pilot Risks Career To Show No Curvature Video. And if you actually try out the math for the globe on this world 8inches per mile squared it doesn't work out especially in Kansas. Kansas they found out is litterally flatter than a pancake! Complete Flatness 1.0 Kansas 400 mile long state is a 0.997 a pancake was 0.95. Suez Canal 101 miles of level water. And water in a glass, bottle, pot, puddle, fish tank, swimming pool,swamp,lake,ocean, is always level from end to end. Jarle Andhoy and his crew of the ship Berserk were continiously stopped and fined 25,000 by the Antarctica Treaty which prevents them militarily from examining and exiting the perimeter of our currently know world. There are also many Flat Earth Maps like Monte Urbano 1544-1613 Map, Gleason New Standard Map Of The World 1892,AE Map, World Air Map 1945, United Nations Map missing antarctica?, International Meteorological Organization Maps and Logos, International Civil Aviation Maps and logos, International Maritime Organization Maps and Logos, and many more. Nikon P900 Camera Planets Videos reveal them to be nothing like what nasa cgi showed us. They look like electromagnetic pulsing lights. Nikola Tesla said the sun is wirelessly powered through electromagnetism.