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Joan and Bill

Monday, November 16, 2015


The attack on the people of Paris was pure evil.
Evil of the worst kind.

But I have a question
We acknowledge that killing 150 innocent people
is a terrible act of terrorism.

The United States invaded Iraq and killed 200,000 innocent

It was never considered terrorism.
How can that be?


sarel pieterse said...


sarel pieterse said...


Dennis Wuest said...

Don't forget that you could fill Buckeye Stadium with the guys missing a limb. I saw a doc on the drones on Netflix. It was insane what we're doing. They recruit young gamers and make them sign an oath of duty. Then them poor twenty somethings are forced to pull a trigger while they watch a group of men, a world away, get blown to shreds. Because the Predator is stationery (at least the camera) they get a front row seat to the aftermath. Blood shooting out of the ripped opened heads of children. Woman blown in half in front of their children. Totally innocent men who just happened to be saying hello to their neighbor. The one someone we don't know ,decided must die at all costs. And if they don't fulfill their obligation, then it's off to prison where they will be raped mercilessly for being a dork. I heard that Malala (the one that got shot in the head) give advice to Obama once. She said. please stop the drone strikes. She said they were causing terrible suffering and fear for everybody. They already have to deal with terrorists and now they got fire coming down from the sky on somebodies orders (Revelation/False Prophet). People talk about Roman Soldiers like they were evil for killing Jesus. But they we're a civilizing force. They went in a strange land and brought law and order. We bring death, destruction and seed hatred. Now, who's worse?

Dennis Wuest said...

And even worse is that they planned on Iraq before 911. Planned not just on Iraqui deaths but on American boys. The ones that imbeciles worship as providing our freedom and being so heroic. I guarantee the guys without legs see things different now. By the time they get to be my age they'll be like F America. I saw a report where the military said it would take an event like Pearl Harbor to jump start the people into agreeing to more military funds. And then 911. I don't go for conspiracy theories though. There's almost enough evidence to stand up in court, though. I didn't think so until I heard that Neal Bush was in charge of security at the WTC.

Brendan Moran said...

And don't forget the 250,000 civilians we killed in Syria since Obama launched the establishment's regime change policy in 2011. And what was done in Libya. People don't realize this but Hillary set women's rights back 200 years in Lybia. Women used to be able to get an education, drive a car, now under Shriya law, they can be raped by their husbands and nothing ever done about it. The people who vote for Hillary are just plain ignorant.

with goddess said...

Not considered so by whom?