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Joan and Bill

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


If free preventative health care is not
given to the poor.

Then their disease will eventually come knocking on someone
elses door.

People contract disease, and cannot afford to treat it.

They then mingle among the populace and their disease
spreads to others.

How does it make any sense to keep health care away from
the poor thus promoting the spread of disease.

How many Republicans who constantly come against such health
care, have come down with serious illnesses spread to them
by people who could not afford to take care of themselves.


Tim A said...

This is a hugely important issue that most are following blindly. Ebola is a eugenics card being played by those who want to cull the masses. I know most don't want to believe that and laugh at such conspiracy but just take a minute and think about it. Why are we still letting flights in from Ebola infected countries then after they report symptoms are told to return home to ultimately infect others before they are then treated and soon after die. There is a cure for this that's why the politicians aren't worried about the poor infecting them. The cure is liquid money delivered intravenously. This may sound crazy to those who want to put undeserved trust in a government that will in time show to be a bad investment but for others it's a sign of something we hoped would never happen...

Anonymous said...

Bill, what you say is true, but if you are referring to the Affordable Care Act, I will ask you this, Since the law has been put into to place, why does not everyone have health coverage? I was under the impression that is what this bill was all about, providing healthcare for ALL?

Tim A said...

While I still stand by my first comment I believe it's a bit off base considering the subject matter. A main issue concerning healthcare is people lining up to receive a free handout from a system that has continuously failed them time and time again. We should not be a nation of paupers waiting hopefully for scraps from the masters table. We are the masters. We as a people have lost what it is to be proud and kind to one another. Our country is in a state of decadence that devours all empires in their time. We should cast off reliance on such incompetence and do what has always worked throughout the ages and just help one another not grind our neighbor into the dirt so that we can get a better share. Until we can shake off our destructiveness free healthcare is the least of our worries....

Perfectchild said...

There are two ways to wipe out another species in Nature: Might or reproduction.

In humans it is to implant a reason to submit to either force - by whisking up an Eternal God or a Universal Compassion. Islam or Communism, who like Moses down the mountain set about and killed half of their own people first. Everyone is fed under the new totalitarianism, but only they are compliant and willing slaves. If not, they are accused of trumped up charges, brutally imprisoned, tortured and humiliatingly murdered. Just like the story of Jesus was.

The mastery of reason is therefore, 'love your God with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbour as yourself'. So that you can discern all those who don't love themselves and have friendships bourne from shared submissions and vices.

The only method of incomplete people is to steal and seduce the wishy-washy liberal, to get them to play God in a guilty collective-responsibility to rescue and maintain them.

To turn their stones into bread - recognizing their 'possessions of vanity' as food that they have to be fed or they will die.

They leap into poverty so you will catch and rescue them with shelter and welfare.

They receive everything that you have, as you expect them to settle and live freely under your rules.

How wrong will these rewarded little-Gods be when their victims (who despise them for allowing them to become more sick in their pathways), turn on them - and everything of their history and presence eliminated.

For one-eyed slaves know how much anti-human it is to be standing in the place of God, posing as holy portals of uncontional love, when it should be simply the application of love that is unconditional.

Three times now, I have had to set upright what is inverted.

Something lingers in the depths within.