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Joan and Bill

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who Are The Terrorists?

Our media warns us of the terrorists who want to kill us
and attack this country.

But who are the terrorists really.

Oh sure now it is Isis or Isil and of cours Al Queda.

But how about invading Iraq with shock and awe and killing
200,000 people who had done nothing wrong.

Isn't that terrorism? Abd are we not responsible?

How about invading Viet Nam and killing three million people.
And today American corporations  are in Viet Nam working with
the same government that we fought, building hotels and resorts.

Isn't killing 3 million people terrorism?

My point is, we can never come to grips with terrorism until we
are ready to admit our own part in it.



Tim A said...

These past few blog topics have had a common underlying theme. The manufacturing of fuel for the massive fear factories. Take terrorism or even better the "War on Terrorism", how convenient to declare war on an abstract idea in which victory can only be announced by those who originally initiated the scheme. This will never happen because ongoing national threat is the perfect horse to carry away all of your freedoms. As for the superpowers using terrorism as long as they do it under the guise of eradicating the very thing they are most people won't make the connection. Especially when the same people have begged for this war after being brainwashed by the media. We are victims of terrorism everyday when we read the newspaper, when we watch the news, and when we are lectured or reprimanded for our personal beliefs. The bright side is we are waking up. We just need to understand how important that awakening is and make it our full-time job.

Brent Knowler said...

The true definition of Terrorism:
The threat and/or the use of force to bring out a political change in a foreign country, state, or territory.

I can't remember who penned this, but it is not a definition the media want to use.

So any person(s) using force or threatening to use force in a foreign land is a terrorist!