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Joan and Bill

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Militarized Police

There is a great deal of concern being expressed because the police are now appearing as the military with high power weapons etc.

The problem is, when you allow the public to have weapons that are more powerful then what the police have, this is what you get.


Tony Snodgrass said...

Follow the constitution in reference to this problem. "A well equipped and supplied militia"
I would like to continue this discussion. TY Bill

Tony Snodgrass said...

Oop's I messed up.

Tim A said...

People get caught up on what others tell them is right and what is wrong that they forget to ask themselves what they FEEL is right. Cops carrying guns justify this by saying this is a requirement of the job. Citizens are always quick to point out the constitution as their justification. The issue is not what others are doing its the fact that we let what others are doing affect us into reacting without first questioning. Let's not focus on the small stuff that others put out there to distract us,let us pose our own questions. Do you give up what is naturally yours because society tells you that you can not have it?

Tony Snodgrass said...

Such a very interesting idea, that someone would stand against society. What is natural mine? Aren't those, "natural the constitution"? Or am I missing the point?

Tim A said...

Take a minute and ask yourself why you need to ask another what is yours naturally. These are things that you know inside yourself. Not because it is written on a piece of paper then given to you as a list of what you been approved to do. To think for yourself you must first question authority. That doesn't mean become a radical anarchist overnight, it's simply asking why am I blindly following orders from those who don't adhere to them their selves? Those who don't live by the codes they set down for others have lost the moral core needed for authority.