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Joan and Bill

Saturday, December 14, 2013

I hear that President Obama's popularity is down and honestly I am trying to figure out what do the people want from this man.

Be reasonable and consider this.
When he took over, the US Auto industry was going bankrupt, he saved it

When he took over He found that the Iraq war, Afghanistan War, The tax break for millionaires,
and the Prescription drug plan had not been put on the budget.
He budgeted all of these.

When He took over, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month.
He has put on 5 million jobs.

He ended the war in Iraq.

He eliminated Osama Bin Laden

The stock market is very important to people who have a 401K. When he took over, the stock market
was under 7000. It is now over 16,000

He ended don't ask don't tell for the military.

He settled the Libya problem with no Americans getting killed.

He settled Syrias chemical weapons problem with no Americans getting killed.

He has begun the work on settling Irans nuclear problem.

He has begun a health program that no other President was able to begin even though they tried.

Soon, every person in the country will have access to health care.

He has protected Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from the other party.

And he has done all of this, while the other party has fought against every single thing he
has tried to do. Everything he has put forth has been blocked but in spite of this He
has accomplished all of the above.

What human being alive in this country could have accomplished what He has against
total obstruction from the other side.

Can you imagine what this country would look like now if He had not taken over
and corrected the mess we all were in.

It's not whether you're Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative.

It's whether you can be honest and truthful , if not to your friends, at least to yourself



Anonymous said...

Wow... you have been thinking in the same room I'm in... Finally someone who sees Obama correctly!!! Thank you

Shirley said...

Thank you Bill.

Anonymous said...

isn't insurance a pyramid scheme that allows people to not take responsibility for their own lives ?

what about obama's tuesday meetings to determine that weeks assasinations by drone ?
what about the "national" debt to 17 trillion ? etc just askin !

Anonymous said...

Obama has cut the national debt in half since he has taken office.

If people cannot afford to go to the doctor.Their sickness may come knocking on your door.

When we dropped napalm in Viet Nam where was the complaint.

When we did shock and awe in Iraq where was the complaint.

There was none because American Pilots could get killed. With drones American pilots cannot get killed and this upsets people.

Anonymous said...

I think the auto industry should've gone bankrupt. And the money should've been given back to the people or applied towards something better than a bunch of cars just sitting there wasting landspace time energy and money and taxes which most people don't buy cars at dealerships anyway. They buy used cars from craigslist ebay or a personal friend or associate, or they fix up their own car continually. Example I have a 95 dodge Caravan SE 3.3L that I got on craigslist for 900 bucks back in 2011. A van at a dealership can cost you upto 36,000 dollars or more. So yes I disagree with you bill. Before that I had a 800 dollar chevy cavalier I got from my friends wife, a 1,000 dollar chevy malibu I got in hawaii, a 16,000 dollar 2007 chevy impala Lt I got at a dealership, a 700 dollar 88 mazda 323 I got at an auction, and a 2897 dollar chevy cavalier two door coup I got at a used car dealership. So yes You are better off not going to a dealership and just buying second hand or repairing the car you already have. So Bill is Wrong

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Anonymous's comments of November 10th, 2014. However, given that,
I think President Obama is to be commended for the very impressive achievement of bringing health care to the uninsured and disenfranchised--millions of forgotten Americans . People living in the richest country in the history of mankind who had no means of getting a doctor's care for themselves or their loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Flabbergasted! That's how I feel about this post. After reading everything on the site, watching every video over the last few months, I read this! Bill, apply your hidden meanings to our corrupt, deceptive, and yes, down right EVIL political system. You have been lied to! Your comments on this blog undermine the entire site! A teacher who cannot follow his own teachings is no teacher at all!

Anonymous said...

You do have to realize that not every single person in the political system is evil. You have totally misinterpreted everything given to you