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Joan and Bill

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hunting Ducks and People

These are the rules for hunting ducks from the US Fish and Wildlife Service

It is against the law to hunt ducks:
With a shotgun that can hold more than three shells, unless you plug it with a one piece filler that
cannot be removed without disassembling the gun.

As far as hunting people are concerned, there are no rules as to the magazine load.


jnm said...

Bill, you have a very subtle way of making important points!!!Your vids are timeless and just in time!!!I know it must have been a difficult path to walk...especially in the early days when you were making the vids!!! The expression on you face at times as you looked at your audience after making a point is priceless!!! I just want to thank you AND Joan for all your dedication to speaking the TRUTH for all these years! I know at times it must have been frustrating. As a teacher of special needs students I always relied on that old adage: You can't teach people anything, You can only help them discover it within themselves! You exemplify this adage! Thank you for helping all of us discover that the "IT" is within us all!! In gratitude,and in Peace and love jnm

Anonymous said...

Love you and your work. Thanks teach. Namaste Jewels

yvonne said...

Bill and Joan - your work is magnificent. Kate of Gaia frequently mentions your videos which have been a great source of information to her. I'm sure Kate would absolutely love to interview you on her nightly 25 - 20 000 listeners strong radio show. I'd be so happy to set it up for you, especially as Kate has decoded into simple language the pope's declaration and has us all doing some amazing stuff to support his brave breakaway and removing of all immunity even unto himself. I try and listen to one of your videos a day - keeps me so on track and I especially thank you for finally teaching me how to meditate!! Much love Yvonne x x x