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Joan and Bill

Monday, September 12, 2011

911 The Cause Of The Ultimate Horror

The prayers have been said, the candles have been lit, the bells have tolled, and the tears have flowed.

We sit back now and consider, who do we blame?

Who generates such hate, such distrust, such fear, such suspicion.

Generated to the point where the followers are willing to kill.

Who is responsible?


Without religion, so many who lie in graves would be with their families.

All throughout the world the one guilty party is RELIGION


Anonymous said...

Actually Bill I think its way too over simplistic to just blame religion. Religion is just a word that comes from the Latin verb regulare which means to collect or gather. Building 7 was a 47 story building which did not have enough fire to take it down. And certainly not symmetrically and at the speed of gravity. 911 was Luciferean (skipping 10). 911 was predicted by William Milton Cooper, Aaron Russo, Freeman Fly, Tatinya Korignia and Nicholas Rockefeller. Who really did it was our banking entities so that a war would ensue to yield up a debt that is unservicable and would collapse our financial system (see John Todd, read Atlas Shrugged, William Guy Carr, Carroll Quigley, John Coleman and so on). 911 was a mega-ritual sacrifice to Lucifer to usher in the New World Order. I can offer more but I hope this helps clarify. Sincerely

Art K said...

Hey Skippy. Thanks. Are you a member of and do you read ? Have you considered arrogant American intervention by DC? This is about protecting the assets of the top 1% that actually keep the financial world a ticking. I reply have a feeling that if you look at things through a global perspective, you may see somethings differently. and have fun learning. Do you like what you might know about President Calvin Coolidge? Art

Anonymous said...

Hey Art,
Thanks so much for the reply. I am most assuredly not a JBS member and never ever have read the new american. Your reference of without context is useless to me. Its like saying go read. Your assessment that asset protection is the sole cause of everything ignores that there is an underlying spirituality to the NWO. The do you like what you might know about Coolidge is also without specific reference. I find it helpful to state exactly what you want your reader to know rather than just point them off in left field and pretend you had something specific in mind.